Is Gluten the Big Bad Wolf?

Date : August 24, 2018

*My heartfelt greetings fellow Frescos! I have been thinking of you all since my last post. So, to dive right into it, this week’s matter is as per the title. To be honest, this topic, has been a daunting one, even to such as our selves. Our team at the bakery understand, our customer’s effort put into going on a gluten free or gluten reduction diet from personal experience, but are we experts….we think not. Do we try our very best to understand and cater for this? Absolutely! Our reason? This whole gluten free / gluten intolerant topic is still pretty new to our shores. So, we did some research and we are still researching, but here’s what we have for you at present, simplified to a version that we, and hopefully you, can understand. We are optimistic, that you find this little ditty useful.

Let us start with, what is gluten? Gluten is the natural occurring protein in wheat, barley and rye. This protein can be split into 2, glutenin and gliadin. 

Why is gluten bad? Some people tolerate gluten just fine, whereas, there appears to be three groups of people that may benefit by avoiding gluten with improved health and quality of life. 

Who are these people?

People who have celiac disease.

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease triggered when gluten is eaten by a person who are celiac. When a celiac person digests gluten, their body over reacts and causes damage to a part of their small intestine, known as the villi. This can lead to a range of medical complications which range from minimal symptoms such stomach discomfort to more profound effects such as malnutrition, growth stunting and certain cancers. 

People who are gluten sensitive.

Those who fall under this group are not diagnosed celiac, but do portray symptoms when gluten is digested. These symptoms include ; bloating, regular constipation or the runs , skin Issues and some parents of autistic children have also reported avoiding gluten to be beneficial.

Folks who are neither of the above but who feel better as they reap the benefits of eating more healthfully. 

The gluten free diet has entered into the mainstream now for a little over 10 years. Personally, I found that a gluten reduction diet meant, that I look for alternatives, for my bread, pasta, noodles and other such comforting, homely foods. In order to do this, I met with wondrous and curious products such as zoodles (zucchini spiralized….and more lovelier still discovered other root vegetables that would work as well through the spiralizer); rice, quinoa, millet are also friendlies; and of course all of the truly magical flours that I have since discovered, such as buckwheat, garbanzo, mung bean, coconut etc. The part that I really love the most about this, is that all of the alternatives reap better health benefits, for example higher in protein and lower in carbs. 

Have we just discovered the tip of the ice-berg? In the interim, at Fresco Grano, we will continue to bake with passion no matter what category you fall in. Because at Fresco Grano, we believe, everyone deserves cake!