Inner Ninja

Date : July 13, 2018
One day, as I was skulking around Sungai Buloh town (Bukit Rahman Putra, to be exact), on my way; with my 2 and a half year old and 1 year old;  to yet another clinic visit, I happened to chance upon a small ad, stuck on one of the glass doors, of a shop lot. It read : “Bakery for Rent. Please call 012586974”. I honestly didn’t know why, or how those simple black printed fonts attracted my attention. So much so, that after yet another agonizing 45 minutes of trying to pacify my asthmatic son on his nebulizer stint and his restless sister, I still had the audacity to walk back to the ad and take down the number. As I was punching the digits into my phone, I peered into the tiny white space and I heard myself saying, this space would make a really sweet organic bakery.
Husband, after a grueling day at the hospital was a little more than incredulous and pointed out he had never known me for a baker, let alone the idea of me running a small business. After I had given up the competitive yet financially secure world of MNC’s to spend more time with our young and growing family, he asserted that attempting a start up would be going completely in the opposite direction of achieving this.
The topic of Organic, however, was a no brainer. The husband and close family members had over the recent years witnessed my transformation of McD guzzling, Coke Cola addict, corporate high heels wielding into all Natural Breast feeding only Ninja, when our son, Raivath was born. When the little champ had graduated to mushy solids, I became infamous amoung the family, for trips to the groceries in search for all edibles that carried promises of non genetically modified organisms and happy free ranging types.
So, on this one day, as I was traipsing down a road, with my two nuggets of precious, I spotted the little ad that told me, that if I was in search for organic freshly baked bread for my family, wouldn’t there be others?